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Injured in an auto accidentIf you have been in an auto accident, most often you have suffered or are suffering from what is known as, “Whiplash Injury” to the neck and even possibly the lower back region.

“Whiplash” is caused by a sudden forward and backward movement of the head. The movement can even be side to side. This type of movement can cause damage to the muscles, joints and ligaments of the spine. It can even cause disc and nerve injury. Unfortunately, soft tissue injuries do not show up well on regular x-ray films and can often be overlooked. Thus, a chiropractic examination will help determine if you have whiplash or not.

Whiplash injuries need to be taken seriously. More often than less, people suffer from symptoms related to the whiplash injury several days, weeks, and even years later. If treatment has not been provided soon after the accident, often permanent damage can set in and chronic pain months and years later can be the result. Not all whiplash injuries hurt but they do alter the mechanics of your spine.

When spinal mechanics are off, this leads to changes in the way the spine, muscles, tendons and even the nervous system functions. Only 10% of your nerves relay pain signals. Thus, poor mechanics can be happening without any other sign or symptoms. Just like your vehicle, if you knock the alignment out of your wheels, you do not see uneven tire wear or feel the hard pulling until sometimes 3000 miles/3months later when it’s time for the maintenance check-up.

If you have been in an accident, regardless of how little the damage done to the car, don’t assume you have no injuries because you currently are not having any symptoms or pain. Call us today for your examination.
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