Dr. Jennifer Amundson offers sports physicals for all students from the ages of preschool to college
The cost is $25.  Please bring your school specific forms.  If you do not have a form, we do have them available. 
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Children who are active in sports take falls, hits, and jarrs to the spine every game and every practice.  Those falls and hits create what is known as SUB-LUX-ATIONS in your child’s spine.  These subluxations are misaligments of vertebra that can cause an alteration of your child’s joints, muscles, ligaments, and discs of their spine.  Subluxations also cause an irritation or disruption of vital nerve impulses.  Your child’s ability to repair, rebuild, and rejuvenate their bodies after such sports activities may be hindered and may have an impact on their overall sports performance.

Amundson Chiropractic Health Services uses state of the art technology that is used by elite athletes like Dan O’Brien, the olympic decathalon gold medal winner.  The Insight Millenium is safe, gentle and non-invasive and can be used for children of all ages.

Your child will receive a thorough physical examination for their sport.  If spinal imbalances are detected, Dr. Amundson will explain the results and suggest a solution to help your young athlete be at their optimal performance and function.

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