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40 years of being a nurse, I suffered from back pain. It affected my moods and my husband as he could see no relief in site for me.  Living on Ibuprofen daily, I had concerns with organ damage and decided I would “try” chiropractic.  Since then I walk straighter with minimal to no discomfort.  After my long busy shifts I bounce back the next day and can get back to my job with minimal pain.  My digestion has improved.  I have more energy.  Dr. Jennifer is personable and caring. ~ Carol H.


Because of my low back pain in my 2nd trimester, I was not able to sleep well, lifting was difficult and walking in general was miserable. I was referred to Dr. Jennifer by my insurance company.  Using the Webster technique she specializes in women who are pregnant. She balanced my pelvis, relieving my low back pain and improved my overall function.  This I believe allowed for my 1st child to turn on its own in the last month, which also allowed me to have a regular delivery. My experience during my pregnancy was made comfortable and re-assuring. Dr. Jennifer is genuinely invests in you. ~ Jennifer B


The stroke my husband had in 2005 left him unable to walk. His speech was impaired with slurring of words.   The medical doctors said he would never walk again.  He started chiropractic with Dr. Jennifer in March of 2008.  Upon examination,  she immediately saw that he had one leg longer than other by almost an inch. This caused him to have even more difficulty with his balance and walking.  She suggested heel lifts and regular chiropractic adjustments to get his hips back in alignment. He is now able to walk short distances and his speech has improved. Dr. Jennifer also began to have my husband do some neuro-sensory work at home.  These gave my husband the ability to focus and practice on his walking skills.  She also began to have him begin working on different belt buckles and ties.  He is now able to saddle his own horse, get on and off his horse like a real cowboy and he has started playing his guitar again.  Although he still has many challenges, with Dr. Jennifer’s expertise and “thinking outside the box thinking”  has a better outlook on his life and the courage to keep pressing forward. ~ Kim H


September 3, 2005 I was sent to the Kansas City Pain Center.  After a series of medications that were not helping. Dr. Edwards referred me to Dr. Jennifer.  She took great care through the use of therapies, acupuncture and gentle chiropractic treatments.  She helped me to get back to doing the simplest of tasks around the house. Dr. Jennifer was caring and patient and had me back to normal in a few short weeks. ~ Dottie M.


I am 42 years old and for as long as I can remember I have suffered at least once per month from a migraine headache.  Through the years I was told I would have to live with them because of hormones, allergies and stress. I was prescribed medications ranging from Allegra to muscle relaxers. Nothing made a difference.  When the headaches would come all I had to look forward to was 24 hours of agony.  Since starting chiropractic treatments with Dr. Jennifer I have stopped having headaches, my sinuses, and allergies have improved. My energy level has increased significantly, as well as, my overall sense of “well-being”.  Thank You!!! Dr. Jennifer. ~ Jennie B.


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